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Video Message by Professor Salim Al-Hassani to the“Science and Technology in Islamic Civilization” conference

by Media Desk Published on: 9th December 2023

The conference was held at Midyat Municipality conference Hall, Mardin, hosting a large audience. The various machines invented by Al-Jazari can be found in this video. The machines were reproduced using 3D animations.

The Ottoman Mosque Fallacy: Places of Worship Facing the Kaaba or “Monuments of Jihad”?

by David A King Published on: 14th May 2021

A. J. Deus has got it all hopelessly wrong: A critique of A. J. Deus, “Monuments of Jihad – The thought process of determining qibla orientations by Turks”, and “Raw Analysis Turkish Mosque Orientations ‘Monuments…


Turkish Medical History of the Seljuk Era

by Ali Haydar Bayat Published on: 1st July 2020

The Great Seljuk state was part of the medieval Islamic civilization. Most of its scientific institutions and educational traditions were inherited from previous and contemporary Muslim and Turkish states. In this well documented article, the…

Turkey: Home of BURSA

by Published on: 18th March 2019

Bursa, the historic <br>town where the Ottoman Empire was born… Decorated with numerous mosques, hans, hamams and tombs, the enchanting inner-city is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you’re a history buff, a gourmand,…

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Malika IV: Hurrem Sultan (Roxolana)

by Tom Verde Published on: 3rd June 2018

From Bangladesh to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria, Senegal to Turkey, it is not particularly rare in our own times for women in Muslim-majority countries to be appointed and elected to high offices—including heads of state.…


Introduction to Turkish Motifs in Ottoman Times

by Sairah Yassir-Deane Published on: 23rd January 2018

On 13 and 14 January 2018 Ashfia Ashrif, Manchester based Artist and Student of Traditional Arts, delivered a two day course named “Introduction to Turkish Motifs in Ottoman Times” at FSTC House.


A Chronology – Turkey’s 700-year long venture in science and technology

by Feza Günergun Published on: 13th April 2017

A chronology on "Science from the East - Techniques from the West: Turkey's 700-year long venture" is compiled by Professor Dr. Feza Günergun, Department of the History of Science, Istanbul University. People sought knowledge for…


Nearly 3 Centuries old light system illuminates a sacred grave on Sun’s equinox

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 23rd September 2015

This year has been chosen as "International Year of Light (IYL2015)" by UNESCO, what a perfect time to remember these words: “If the first light of the new year doesn’t shine upon my mentor, then…


Turkey: Home of TURQUOISE

by Videos Published on: 9th June 2015

"Did you know the word 'turquoise' is a French word that simply means 'Turkish'?


21st Century World Summit on Child Education

by Ayshah Ismail Published on: 5th November 2013

Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, President of The Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) was invited as the keynote speaker at the 21st Century World Summit on Child Education in Ankara, Turkey. A two…


Turkish-American TV: Interview with President of FSTC

by 1001 Inventions Published on: 6th December 2012

Interview with Prof. Salim Al-Hassani at 1001 Inventions Exhibition in National Geographic Museum by Turkish-American TV


Turkish Cuisine: A Book Review

by Arif Bilgin Published on: 13th February 2009

Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Turkish cuisine also influenced these cuisines and other neighbouring…


The Medical History Museum of Istanbul University: Project, Challenges and Academic Questions

by Nil Sari Published on: 7th February 2009

This article is about the foundation of the Medical History Museum founded recently in Istanbul as part of the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School. The aim of this museum, founded by Professor Nil Sari in…


Vidinli Huseyin Tawfik: A Modern Turkish Specialist of Linear Algebra

by Salim Ayduz Published on: 17th November 2008

This article is a biography essay on the life and works of Vidinli Tawfiq Pasha, a 19th-century Ottoman scholar, statesman and general of 19th-century Istanbul, and a noteworthy mathematician who published in 1882 an important…


The Seljuk Face of Anatolia: Aspects of the Social and Intellectual History of Seljuk Architecture

by Semra Ogel Published on: 15th January 2008

This article deals with the Seljuk Anatolian architecture and art. The art of the Seljuk sultans showed much interest in public buildings such as caravanserais, schools and hospitals. This architecture was based on strong religious…


Mulla Nasruddin Khodja a Major Character of Muslim Satiric Literature

by The Editorial Team Published on: 11th January 2008

Mullah Nasruddin Khodja is a wise man famous throughout the Muslim and some parts of the non-Muslim world since the 16th century. Historical documents show that he lived in the 13th century in Anatolia (today…


Famous Figures of the Modern Turkish Medical School

by FSTC Published on: 23rd October 2007

To throw light on famous figures of the Turkish modern medical school, this article introduces a set of nine posters on the contribution of eight late Ottoman and early Turkish physicians (whose careers spanned from…


Suleymaniye Medical Madrasa

by Salim Ayduz Published on: 3rd February 2007

This article discusses the emergence and origins of institutional Ottoman medical practice and learning, and provides an insight into the trade of expertise between the Ottoman provinces and further a field. It focuses on the…


Educating Ottoman Physicians

by Nil Sari Published on: 2nd September 2005

Medical doctors in the time of the Ottomans had various routes into professional life depending on their specialty. Some were trained on the model of master and apprentice, others studied courses at madrasas and at…


Ince Minare Madrasa

by The Editorial Team Published on: 11th March 2005

Ince Minare Madrasa is one of the most impressive structures introduced by the Seljuks to endorse the central plan scheme that was to dominate much of their late architecture and that of their Ottoman successors.



by The Editorial Team Published on: 22nd February 2005

Harran is a very old town situated in the Jazira province of modern Turkey near the sources of the Balkh River. Badly effected by the Crusades, it nevertheless had its production of scientists that are…


Astrology for the Ottomans

by Salim Ayduz Published on: 29th September 2004

Among the Ottomans there was constant controversy over whether astrology violated the principles of reason and religion. Although many Islamic scholars judged astrology to contravene religion, astronomers continued to interpret the heavens, and sultans to…


Turkish Contributions to Scientific Work in Islam

by Aydin Sayili Published on: 10th September 2004

Turks have played an active part in the pursuit of science and learning in the Islamic World throughout its history. This activity is outlind here from the very formative stages of the islamic civilization down…


Sultan Ahmet Cami or Blue Mosque

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 8th July 2004

Commissioned by Sultan Ahmed (1606-1617), the mosque was built by Mehmet Agha who is said to have toured key Ottoman monuments before he drew the plan of the blue mosque. This can be affirmed by…


The Ottoman Madrassa

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 8th July 2004

The Madrassa was one of the main venues of education in the Muslim World under the Ottoman Caliphate until 1924 when Ataturks' law abolished it in favour of modern schools and universities. In planning terms…


The Ottoman Han (Caravanserai) and Bazaars

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 7th July 2004

The expansion of commerce in the Ottoman world necessitated the introduction of new types of buildings to accommodate various trade types. The han or caravanserai consisted of cells arranged around a courtyard, providing all the…


The Ottoman Ulema

by Mehmet Ipsirli Published on: 12th May 2004

The word ulema, which is widely used in the Islamic world, is used to refer to community based scholars. Ottoman ulema had been a basic element of the state and the society, presenting progressive visions…


The Seljuk Mausoleum

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 15th April 2003

Under the Seljuk patronage the mausoleum saw considerable development. This type of building evolved from early funerary monuments which were first erected to honour the Umayyad rulers in the 8th century.


The Seljuk Caravanserai (the Khan)

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 14th April 2003

The Seljuk's developed the caravanserais or khans (Anatolia) or Ribat. These were charitable foundations providing travellers with three days of free shelter, food and entertainment (in some cases) as part of the charitable work emphasised…


The Seljuk Madrassa

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 14th April 2003

Seljuk's made developments in the form, function and character of the mosque and expanded the use of Madrassa which, according to Van Berchem, first appeared in Kurassan early 10th century as an adaptation of the…


The Seljuk Minarets

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 14th April 2003

The Seljuk mosques took a form of minaret which was substantially different from that of North Africa. The adoption of the cylindrical form, instead of the usual square, with tapered shafts often broken by balconies…


The Seljuk Kiosk Mosque and General Plan

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 14th April 2003

Another Seljuk innovation in the plan of the mosque appeared in what Andre Godard called the Mosque Kiosque. This usually small edifice is characterised by its unusual plan which consists of a domed hall, standing…


Architecture Under Seljuk Patronage (1038-1327)

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 13th April 2003

The Seljuks were the first Turkish dynasty to rule the Muslim World reviving the dying Caliphate. Their arrival marked the introduction of the four Iwan mosque concept, the Caravanserais (Khans) and baroque art that spread…


Piri Reis and his Place in Ottoman Maritime History

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 1st June 2002

When dealing with Turkish history, whether during the Ottoman period or after, one comes across horrendous claims and errors by countless historians which utterly distort the subject. To try and write correctly Turkish history is…