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Islam’s Historical Contribution to Commerce and Finance

by John M. Hobson Published on: 9th February 2018

Under the reign of Eurocentrism, the Western mind imagines that even if Islam came up with all manner of new ideas and technologies – ideas in engineering, art, mathematics and at a big push, science…


East Meets West in Venice

by Richard Covington Published on: 29th February 2012

For much of the millennium before the rise of Portugal and Spain, Venice flourished as the hub of Europe's trade with the lands to its east and south. The profound mutual influences that resulted have…


Capitalist Traditions in Early Arab-Islamic Civilization

by S. M. Ghazanfar Published on: 21st November 2008

In the following article, Professor S. M. Ghazanfar, a specialist in the history of economic thought in the Islamic civilisation, explores the evidence concerning the roots of historical "capitalism" as it evolved in the early…


The First Regional Event on Knowledge-Based Economy

by FSTC Published on: 3rd January 2008

The Arabian Knowledge Economy Association organises "The First Regional Conference on the Knowledge Economy" that will be organized jointly with Al-Aghar Strategic Think Tank Group and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Jeddah, Saudi…


Lord Vivian Bowden on Muslim Heritage in Economics and Fiscal System

by The Editorial Team Published on: 21st September 2006

Lord Bowden was a legendary Principal and Vice Chancellor of UMIST. He had an interest about Muslim Heritage in Economics and Trade. He was so interested in the subject that he established an institute for…


The Ottoman Han (Caravanserai) and Bazaars

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 7th July 2004

The expansion of commerce in the Ottoman world necessitated the introduction of new types of buildings to accommodate various trade types. The han or caravanserai consisted of cells arranged around a courtyard, providing all the…