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Urinary Calculus Formation Theory and Treatments Described By Ahmed Çelebi in 15th Century Turkey

by Nil Sari Published on: 24th May 2021

Āhı̇̄ Aḥmed Çelebi, chief physician to three Ottoman sultans, provides detailed information about the formation and treatment of kidney and bladder stones in his work titled “Treatise On the Urinary Calculus in the Kidneys and…

The Ottoman Mosque Fallacy: Places of Worship Facing the Kaaba or “Monuments of Jihad”?

by David A King Published on: 14th May 2021

A. J. Deus has got it all hopelessly wrong: A critique of A. J. Deus, “Monuments of Jihad – The thought process of determining qibla orientations by Turks”, and “Raw Analysis Turkish Mosque Orientations ‘Monuments…



by Ali Haydar Bayat Published on: 1st July 2020

Throughout history one of the greatest disasters humankind has seen are epidemics. In their most critical times, they have killed millions, causing people to migrate, paralyzing work forces, agriculture and stockbreeding decline, creating numerous negative…


Interview with Professor Nil Sari

by Kaleem Hussain Published on: 1st March 2009

Professor Nil Sari Akdeniz, the head of the History of Medicine and Ethics Department of Istanbul University at the Cerrahpasha Medical School since 1983, is a world famous historian of Islamic medicine in general and…


Mulla Nasruddin Khodja a Major Character of Muslim Satiric Literature

by The Editorial Team Published on: 11th January 2008

Mullah Nasruddin Khodja is a wise man famous throughout the Muslim and some parts of the non-Muslim world since the 16th century. Historical documents show that he lived in the 13th century in Anatolia (today…


The Destruction of the Muslim Economic System: A Prime reason for the Decline of Muslim Science

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 19th May 2004

Attacks on Islamic centres of wealth on land and on sea by Western Christian pirates greatly reduced the economic power of Muslim lands. North Africa became economically impoverished as the Trans-Saharan traffic, which had sustained…


Did Muslim Rulers play a part in the decline of Muslim Civilisation?

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 19th May 2004

Muslims stand responsible for their own decadence. After the early conquests, Islamic rule became very corrupt, and this considerably weakened the caliphate. Islam produced great leaders but also some weak ones, which combined over time…


Were the Berbers and Seljuks instrumental in decline of Muslim Civilisation?

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 19th May 2004

It is actually a hostility to Berbers and Turks that explains their being blamed for the decadence of Islam. The Seljuk role, it could be said, was in actual fact instrumental in saving whole Islamic…


The Question is? Myths and Fallacies Surrounding the Decline of Muslim Civilisation

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 5th May 2004

Why did Islamic civilisation fall into decline? This article seeks to correct some misunderstandings and open the debate about what went wrong and what can be done to put it right.