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Some Thoughts on the Politics of Early Modern Ottoman Science

by Baki Tezcan Published on: 19th March 2020

Beyond Dominant Paradigms in Ottoman and Middle Eastern/ North African Studies. A tribute to Rifa'at Abou-El-Haj.


Women’s Contribution to Classical Islamic Civilisation: Science, Medicine and Politics

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 11th February 2020

While there are numerous works on the role of Muslim women in jurisprudence (fiqh) and literature, there are also studies on Muslim women in education and in medicine - although on a much smaller scale…


Malika IV: Hurrem Sultan (Roxolana)

by Tom Verde Published on: 3rd June 2018

From Bangladesh to Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria, Senegal to Turkey, it is not particularly rare in our own times for women in Muslim-majority countries to be appointed and elected to high offices—including heads of state.…


Early Women of Science, Technology, Medicine and Management

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 7th March 2018

This article is a paper submitted to and presented at WISE 2018: World Muslim Women's Summit & Exhibition, organised by TASAM, Istanbul, Turkey, from 28th Feb - 4th March 2018.


Reason and Rationality in the Quran

by Ibrahim Kalin Published on: 14th September 2012

In this long and well written article, Dr Ibrahim Kalin, based on his thorough study of the history of philosophy, analyzes the categories of reason and rationality within the Islamic intellectual context as it was…


Book review of Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man by Dr Nayef Al-Rodhan

by The Editorial Team Published on: 20th July 2011

In Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man, Dr Nayef Al-Rodhan outlines a new theory of history. Defining "sustainable history" as "a durable progressive trajectory in which the quality of life on this planet ……


Ibn Khaldun: His Life and Works

by Muhammad Hozien Published on: 15th October 2010

Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun, the well known historian and thinker from Muslim 14th-century North Africa, is considered a forerunner of original theories in social sciences and philosophy of history, as well as the author of…


Ibn Khaldun’s Theory of Taxation and its Relevance Today

by Abdul Azim Islahi Published on: 26th March 2010

Ibn Khaldun's theory of taxation has been considered one of his most important contributions to economic thought. In the Muqaddimah, he relates the theory of taxation with the government expenditure and argued for low tax…


Kairouan Capital of Political Power and Learning in the Ifriqiya

by Najwa Othman Published on: 29th January 2010

The following article presents a survey on some glorious pages of the history of Kairouan, the ancient capital of the Islamic Ifriqiya (present day Tunisia). Founded in 670 by ‘Uqba ibn Nafi', the Arab general…


Al-Muqaddasi and Human Geography: An Early Contribution to Social Sciences

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 21st September 2009

Recent scholarly interest in the genesis of social sciences in Islamic culture is a noteworthy shift. Until recent times, the development of these fields was credited exclusively to the modern Western tradition, especially to the…


Al-Ghazali’s Theory of Education

by Nabil Nofal Published on: 16th March 2009

Al-Ghazali (1058-1111) was one of the most influential Muslim thinkers. A jurist, logician, theologian, and philosopher, he was honoured in the history of Islam with title of Hujjatul-Islam (the Proof of Islam)." Among his numerous…


The History of Scientific Interaction

by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Published on: 30th January 2008

The evolution of world politics since the last decade of 20th century and several substantial events witnessed during this period have modified communities' outlooks towards each other. They sometimes modified our whole perception of global…