Video: Showcase of Eric Broug’s “Islamic Architecture: A World History” Book

by Media Desk Published on: 19th October 2023

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A richly illustrated history and sourcebook spanning the world of Islamic architecture

“Islamic architecture is a broad topic, covering some 1,400 years up to the present day. The richness of building types, regional styles, and architectural details is reflected here, with a striking balance of familiar and unfamiliar, of world-renowned masterpieces and lesser-known gems. All eras and regions are represented but with an eye for some of Islamic architecture’s creative vitality, boldness, and sensitivity that has not been explored for a general readership until now.
Eric Broug has an expert eye for geometry and pattern, noting architectural elements that attend to specific regional, environmental, and climatic concerns. Providing a wealth of information about buildings’ historical and cultural contexts, Islamic Architecture is a richly packed visual sourcebook demonstrating the function and worldwide appeal of Islamic architecture. This book is essential for artists, designers, architects, and students of Islamic culture worldwide.” –

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