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Video: Ibn Khaldun – Greatest Medieval Thinker?

by Media Desk Published on: 11th February 2020

The life story and lessons of a one of a kind person in history, Ibn Khaldun!


Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun

by The Editorial Team Published on: 7th March 2013

Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun is considered a forerunner of original theories in social sciences and philosophy of history, as well as the author of original views in economics, prefiguring modern contributions.


Ibn Khaldun: Studies on His Contribution in Economy

by Muhammad Hozien Published on: 17th October 2010

In the following section, we focus on Ibn Khaldun's contribution to economic thought. We publish contributions by recognized scholars who endeavoured recently to give Ibn Khaldun long overdue credit by placing him properly within the…


Ibn Khaldun: His Life and Works

by Muhammad Hozien Published on: 15th October 2010

Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun, the well known historian and thinker from Muslim 14th-century North Africa, is considered a forerunner of original theories in social sciences and philosophy of history, as well as the author of…


Ibn Khaldun’s Thought in Microeconomics: Dynamics of Labor, Demand-supply and Prices

by Cecep Maskanul Hakim Published on: 29th April 2010

In this article on Ibn Khaldun's thought in microeconomics, Cecep Maskanul Hakim analyses several central concepts and theories, from the dynamics of labor to the complex question of demand-supply and prices. Another aspect of the…


The Economic Theory of Ibn Khaldun and the Rise and Fall of Nations

by Selim Cafer Karatas Published on: 24th April 2010

The economic theory of Ibn Khaldun and the rise and fall of nations, Selim Cafer Karatas, Ibn Khaldun on economics, the state theory, specialisation and economic surplus, supply and demand, monetary policy, fixed prices, property…


Ibn Khaldun and the Rise and Fall of Empires

by Caroline Stone Published on: 24th April 2010

The 14th-century historiographer and historian Abu Zayd ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun was a brilliant scholar and thinker now viewed as a founder of modern historiography, sociology and economics. Living in one of human kind's most…


Ibn Khaldun and Adam Smith: Contributions to Theory of Division of Labor and Modern Economic Thought

by James R. Bartkus Published on: 16th April 2010

The contributions of Ibn Khaldun to the development of economic thought have gone largely unnoticed in the academic realm of Western nations, this despite recent research focusing on Khaldun's magnum opus, Al-Muqaddimah. In this paper,…


Ibn Khaldun’s Theory of Taxation and its Relevance Today

by Abdul Azim Islahi Published on: 26th March 2010

Ibn Khaldun's theory of taxation has been considered one of his most important contributions to economic thought. In the Muqaddimah, he relates the theory of taxation with the government expenditure and argued for low tax…


Al-Muqaddasi and Human Geography: An Early Contribution to Social Sciences

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 21st September 2009

Recent scholarly interest in the genesis of social sciences in Islamic culture is a noteworthy shift. Until recent times, the development of these fields was credited exclusively to the modern Western tradition, especially to the…


Ibn Khaldun’s Concept of Education in the ‘Muqaddima’

by Abdesselam Cheddadi Published on: 15th May 2009

At first sight, the place held by education in Ibn Khaldun's sociology appears uncertain to say the least. What today we understand by the term ‘education'—the replication of individuals and groups, firstly at the level…


Survey on the Development of the Historical Method among Muslim Scholars until Ibn Khaldun

by Muhammad Kujjah Published on: 2nd January 2008

This article surveys the development of historical methodology in the works of some influent Muslim historians, observing their trends and scrutinizing everything related to narration of incidents, political, social, and sectarian currents.


Ibn Khaldun on Taxes

by FSTC Published on: 1st July 2002

Ibn-khaldun enters the frame of Islamic scholarship, associating both intellectual might and near perfect organisational skills to set the foundations for our modern social, economic, historical and political sciences.


The Islamic Historical Literature

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 11th November 2001

The narration of historical events and the reflexion upon their causes are old scholarly concerns since ancient times. In Islamic culture, a specific Arabic historiographical tradition emerged very early, since the late 7th century, to…