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The Birth of Islam and Its Influence

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 26th November 2021

The verification of knowledge and its classification into various disciplines according to some well-defined criteria, together with the use of logical analysis and analogical reasoning, as in the Principles of Jurisprudence science, denote the development…

Science in the Service of Religion: The Case of Islam

by David A King Published on: 28th October 2021

In Islam, as in no other religion in human history, the performance of various aspects of religious ritual has been assisted by scientific procedures. The organization of the lunar calendar, the regulation of the astronomically…

Libraries of the Muslim World (859-2000)

by Zakaria Virk Published on: 26th November 2019

The Muslim World acquired the art of paper-making in the eighth century in Persia, ultimately Muslims brought papermaking to India and Europe. Public libraries appeared in Baghdad, Cairo, and Cordoba where books were made of…

A Sanctuary for Birds: Muslim Civilisation

A Sanctuary for Birds: Muslim Civilisation

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 20th June 2018

Few creatures from the animal kingdom can live alongside humans in urban habitats. One of these survivalists are birds. There was a time when birds were simply welcomed and not worshipped not treated badly. You…


Reason and Rationality in the Quran

by Ibrahim Kalin Published on: 14th September 2012

In this long and well written article, Dr Ibrahim Kalin, based on his thorough study of the history of philosophy, analyzes the categories of reason and rationality within the Islamic intellectual context as it was…

The Sound Rules in Reading the Quran (Tajwid) in Qutb Al-Din al-Shirazi’s Music Notation

The Sound Rules in Reading the Quran (Tajwid) in Qutb Al-Din al-Shirazi’s Music Notation

by Fazli Arslan Published on: 16th August 2011

In the Islamic world, starting from Al-Kindī (d. 874), Al-Fārābī (d. 950), Ibn Sīnā (d. 1034), and Safī al-Dīn al-Urmawī (d. 1294) used the abjad notation to write music. Of these writers, the most systematic…


1000 Years Amnesia: Environment Tradition in Muslim Heritage

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 10th September 2009

In a seminar organised by the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies in 11 January 2005, aimed at brain-storming the topic of Islam and the Environment, Professor Al-Hassani presented a short overview on the environment issue…


Tolerance or Compatibility? The Search for a Qur’anic Paradigm of Science

by Ahmad Dallal Published on: 11th July 2007

In this illuminating analysis, Prof. Ahmad Dallal produces an authoritative study of some episodes of the scientific exegis of the Holy text of Islam, the Qur'an, focusing on the exegesis (tafsir) of Fakhr


Quran, Hadith and Knowledge

by The Editorial Team Published on: 1st September 2002

The Quran, repeatedly calls on the believers to seek knowledge, "And He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold, in that are signs indeed for…


Quranic Verses on Science

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 1st September 2002

Whilst scientific truths are very regularly questioned and abandoned, the truths in the Quran are permanent and unchangeable.


Gardens, Nature and Conservation in Islam

by FSTC Published on: 21st July 2002

The notion, repeated in the Quran, of Paradise as a garden (al-janna, "The Garden") is symbolized in the form of Andalusi gardens, a few of which survive physically and some of which are described in…