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Images of the Fixed Stars: Ancient astronomy manuscript resurrected by Uzbek heritage initiative

by News Desk Published on: 23rd December 2021

Uzbekistan has embarked on a journey to identify, catalogue and showcase all art objects reflecting the country's cultural heritage that are scattered around the world. Once at the centre of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan…

Science in a Golden Age - Astronomy: The Science of the Stars

Science in a Golden Age – Astronomy: The Science of the Stars

by Media Desk Published on: 13th November 2015

Imagine trying to make sense of the universe before telescopes were even invented. Jim al-Khalili reveals how scholars from the Islamic world played a crucial role in astronomy and navigation, influencing later astronomers in the…


Our Arabic Heritage in the Celestial Vault

by Roland Laffitte Published on: 1st May 2008

In Arabic culture, as in other civilisations, the cultural dimension of the history of astronomy appears in part in the meanings and origins of star and constellation names. This nomenclature was shaped by cultural symbols…


Arabic Star Names: A Treasure of Knowledge Shared by the World

by Zakri Abdul Hamid Published on: 24th November 2007

Many of the prominent stars known today are of Arabic origin as they bear names given to them during the golden age of Islamic astronomy. A major contribution in this field is that of al-Sufi…

Star-finders Astrolabes

Modelling the Stars

by Jonathan Chang Published on: 30th June 2004

The measurement of the positions of the stars was developed and refined by scientists of the Muslim world and many kinds of Models were developed. These are described within this article.