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Kairouan Capital of Political Power and Learning in the Ifriqiya

by Najwa Othman Published on: 29th January 2010

The following article presents a survey on some glorious pages of the history of Kairouan, the ancient capital of the Islamic Ifriqiya (present day Tunisia). Founded in 670 by ‘Uqba ibn Nafi', the Arab general…


The Aghlabids of Tunisia

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 23rd September 2004

The Aghlabids ruled Tunisia and an area that included Sicily and temporarily Sardinia and regions of southern Italy. Here the role their capital city Qayrawan is highlighted for its important legacy.


Salerno and Constantine the African

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 31st August 2004

Salerno came to prominence as the first faculty-University of the Christian West because of its importance as a center where Islamic science, particularly medicine, became known to Europe… this because of his translations... The principal…