The Mis-Interpreted Age of Civilisation

by News Desk Published on: 25th February 2020

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Two lectures at the Manchester Health Academy, 17th January 2020

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Dr. Sameena Haq (Left) presenting Books to Mr. Kevin Green, the Principal (Centre) and Mr. Imran Khan Aslam (Assistant Head of Department and Director of Standards) (Right).

On Friday 17th January 2020, Dr. Sameena Haq, Associate Research Fellow at the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) delivered two lectures at the Manchester Health Academy, entitled “The Mis-Interpreted Age of Civilisation”.

She made reference to the little know Islamic heritage of many of the underlying principles of the STEM subjects, to potential career development and progression and highlighted the importance of social cohesion. This resonated with the ethos of the Manchester Health Academy in that it promotes a healthier society through addressing key sensitive physical and mental issues.  She referred to the somewhat over-highlighted, European dominated, scientific achievements in the curriculum. Yet excludes pioneering men and women scholars from The Muslim Civilisation, on whose contributions, many of today’s science principles are based.

A question and answer session at the end followed by showcasing of exhibits and published literature by FSTC allowed for the exchange of healthy dialogue. The presentations were concluded by participating at an extended event hosted by MACFEST at the Academy. Dr. Sameena Haq presented a collection of books published by FSTC, to Mr. Kevin Green, the Principal.

3.8 / 5. Votes 5

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