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The Mis-Interpreted Age of Civilisation

by News Desk Published on: 25th February 2020

Two lectures at the Manchester Health Academy, 17th January 2020


When the World Spoke Arabic

by News Desk Published on: 18th December 2019

At the height of the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, the Arabic language was the lingua franca that served as the language of science, poetry, literature, governance and art. A big movement of translation of…

News Desk

by News Desk Published on: 13th November 2019


Professor Fuat Sezgin Passed Away in Istanbul

by News Desk Published on: 1st July 2018

The academic world has lost a great scholar. Below is an obituary predominantly based on a recently updated Wikipedia article (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuat_Sezgin)


6th International Congress on History of Medicine in Muslim Heritage

by News Desk Published on: 2nd June 2018

The 6th International Congress on History of Medicine in Muslim Heritage will be held during 3-6 October at the University of Sidi Mohammed Benabdellah, Fez, Morocco.


Rethinking and Rebuilding Social Cohesion: Engaging Young Syrian Refugees Project

by News Desk Published on: 23rd August 2017

On Saturday 1st July 2017, the Foundation for Science, Technology, Civilisation UK (FSTC UK), Rethink Rebuild Society (RR) and AMAL partnered up to deliver the second part of the “Rethinking and Rebuilding Social Cohesion: Engaging…

UNESCO: The Islamic Golden Age of Science for today’s knowledge-based society

by News Desk Published on: 16th September 2015

From the 14th to 15th September 2015, UNESCO representatives, worldwide researchers, academics, science historians and political decision makers gathered in Paris to explore UNESCO’s International Year of Light by visiting the progression along with contributions…


President of FSTC at the Annual “Avicenna Studienwerk” Summer Academy, Osnabrück, Germany

by News Desk Published on: 14th September 2015

On Monday 31st August, 2015, Professor Salim Al-Hassani, President of FSTC (Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation), was invited to participate in a day dedicated to learning about and discussing Muslim heritage in the sciences…

President of FSTC at Edinburgh Arab Festival

by News Desk Published on: 8th September 2015

1001 Inventions Versus 1001 Nights: Keynote Speech, by Emeritus Prof. Salim T. S. Al-Hassani, 28 August 2015 at Edinburgh Arab Festival 2015, organized by Islamic & Middle Eastern Department, University of Edinburgh


Announcement: On New FSTC Historiography

by News Desk Published on: 14th July 2015

The Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilisation (FSTC) now seeks to build on this success and improve its historiographical approach, use of primary and secondary sources and tighten the focus on science.


Omar Sharif’s final film dedicated to his legacy

by News Desk Published on: 11th July 2015

Actor Omar Sharif’s final film “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham” has been dedicated to his legacy. Legendary Oscar-nominated actor Omar Sharif, who died on Friday 10 July 2015 in a Cairo hospital…


The International Year of Light Sheds Light on the Dark Ages

by News Desk Published on: 27th June 2015

The UNESCO International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies is a multi-faceted celebration of light in its scientific, technological and cultural context. Central to this has been the recognition of Ibn al-Haytham as the founder…


Professor Devin Stewart: The Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadīm and the Transmission of Knowledge in the Islamic World

by News Desk Published on: 5th May 2015

On Wednesday 22nd April, a public lecture exploring “The Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadeem and the Transmission of Knowledge in the Islamic World” was presented by Professor Devin Stewart at the Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation.


EuroNews.com: Brussels exhibition highlights Ottoman influence

by News Desk Published on: 13th April 2015

"The Sultan’s World exhibition runs in Brussels until 31 May 2015. It then travels to Krakow, Poland."

News: Representing Islam and Muslims in the Media: An Academic Debate

by News Desk Published on: 17th December 2008

In 5-6 September 2008 the Universities of Manchester and Surrey organised in Manchester an international conference "Representing Islam: Comparative Perspectives".


Intercultural Dialogue at the General Assembly of the United Nations

by News Desk Published on: 13th December 2008

In 12-13 November 2008, the United Nations organised in New York a high-level meeting of the General Assembly to promote inter-faith dialogue. The meeting was marked by the active participation of the heads of state…