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A Sanctuary for Birds: Muslim Civilisation

A Sanctuary for Birds: Muslim Civilisation

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 20th June 2018

Few creatures from the animal kingdom can live alongside humans in urban habitats. One of these survivalists are birds. There was a time when birds were simply welcomed and not worshipped not treated badly. You…


World Environment Day

by News Desk Published on: 6th May 2016

World Environment Day (WED) is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. WED activities take place all year round and climax on…


Importance of Culture in Ecological Dialogue

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 21st April 2013

Professor Al-Hassani addressed in a keynote lecture the 16th Eurasian Economic Summit organised in Istanbul on 10-11 April 2013. His speech in a session on the "Importance of Culture in Ecological Dialogue" was entitled "A…


Ecology in Islamic Culture: A Selected Critical Bibliography

by The Editorial Team Published on: 16th November 2012

The studies on the Islamic view of environment protection and the links between Islamic classical culture and ecology knew recently a notable progress, testified by numerous valuable publications in various languages. The following is a…


Sir Crispin Tickell: “Environment on the Edge”

by Crispin Tickell Published on: 15th July 2010

[Proceedings of the conference 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World organised by FSTC, London, 25-26 May 2010]. In this concentrated and well written article, Sir Crispin Tickell addresses one of the most urgent and…

Environment and the Muslim Heritage

by Crispin Tickell Published on: 8th August 2009

The following short article is based on the notes for a speech presented to the Muslim Heritage Awareness Group held at the Royal Society in London, 14 July 2009. The MHAG is a consulting network…

MHAG Meeting at the Royal Society, London

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 8th August 2009

Meeting of the Muslim Heritage Awareness Group (MHAG) in London


Ecology in Muslim Heritage: A History of the Hima Conservation System

by Lutfallah Gari Published on: 15th April 2008

A hima is a reserved pasture, where trees and grazing lands are protected from indiscriminate harvest on a temporary or permanent basis. It existed in the Middle East before Islam; but it was treated as…


Meteorological Science in the 9th Century AD

by Baghdad Abdul-Mona'em Published on: 19th February 2003

The work of Ibn Doraid Al-Azdi is an example of experimental observations of aerial phenomenon. He flourished in the late 9th Century AD. From him we find scientific descriptions of weather forecasting, clouds and the…