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Human Anatomy

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 29th June 2022

The medical scholars during the medieval Islamic era placed great emphasis on the value of dissection and the knowledge of anatomy for the diagnosis of affected organs, the relationships of the organs to one another…

Pseudo Sciences

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 16th December 2021

Alchemy, occultism and astrology were classified as pseudo-sciences with astrology considered to be the queen of the occult sciences.

The Birth of Islam and Its Influence

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 26th November 2021

The verification of knowledge and its classification into various disciplines according to some well-defined criteria, together with the use of logical analysis and analogical reasoning, as in the Principles of Jurisprudence science, denote the development…


by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 8th October 2021

In all nations, medicine is considered to be the noblest craft because it preserves the health of healthy people and repels illness among those who are ill. In almost all these ancient civilisations, there was…

1001 Cures: Introduction to the History of Islamic Medicine

by Media Desk Published on: 8th July 2021

In this newly published book, Prof. Rabie E. Abdel-Halim focuses on one of the most creative periods in the history of medicine and healthcare, namely, that of Muslim civilization. He explores how Islam enhanced the…