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Video: Prof Salim Al Hassani @ Digital Light: Codemakers Bletchley Park 2019

by Media Desk Published on: 15th December 2020

A video of Prof Salim Al-Hassani's speech about Muslim Civilisation's contribution in optics and cryptology at the Bletchley Park's Digital Light: Code Makers event.

Video: Why algorithms are called algorithms – BBC Ideas

by Media Desk Published on: 7th September 2020

Algorithms: From Al-Khwarizmi to Alan Turing and Beyond

Contributions of Scholars from the Muslim Civilisation to Pharmacology

by Bashar Saad Published on: 22nd July 2020

This article has been produced from Chapter 5 "Contributions of Arab and Islamic Scholars to Modern Pharmacology" of the Book “Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine: Traditional System, Ethics, Safety, Efficacy, and Regulatory Issues” by Bashar…

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Digital Light & Codebreakers

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 3rd March 2020

Taken from the Bletchley Park's Digital Light: Code Makers brochure, a summary of Prof Salim Al-Hassani's speech about Muslim Civilisation's contribution in optics and cryptology.


Muslim Founders of Mathematics

by FSTC Published on: 30th October 2013

The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning. In mathematics they contributed and invented the present arithmetical decimal system and the fundamental operations connected with it addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,…


Ecology in Muslim Heritage: Treatises on Environmental Pollution up to the End of 13th Cen.

by Lutfallah Gari Published on: 30th April 2008

Several Arabic treatises dating from the 9th through the 13th century deal with environmental pollution. They cover subjects like air and water contamination, solid waste mishandling and environmental assessments of certain localities. The authors of…

The Appreciation of Arabic Science and Technology in the Middle Ages

by Charles Burnett Published on: 16th May 2007

This article describes the appreciation of Arabic science and technology in the Middle Ages through the example of Adelard of Bath, an English scholar of the early 12th century, one of the first scholars that…



by The Editorial Team Published on: 6th May 2007

Ya'qub b. Ishaq al-Kindi was an early Arab scholar of the 9th century, one of the first great scientists that set the stage for the brilliant Islamic tradition of learning. His works in philosophy, cosmology,…


Mathematics in Muslim Heritage

by The Editorial Team Published on: 30th January 2007

Early mathematics was revolutionised by Muslim scholars like Al-Khwarizmi, the founder of Algebra; Al-Kindi, Al-Khazin, Al-Khujandi,Al-Sijzi, Abul Wafa and numerous others.This article reviews some of the important works of these mathematicians.



by The Editorial Team Published on: 14th February 2005

Being the home of the encyclopaedic scholar Al-kindi and the great chemist Jabir Ibn Hayan, Kufa had a key role in the history of science.


Music in Muslim Civilisation

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 1st April 2004

People who are familiar with traditional Arab music as well as Flamenco will know the obvious historical connections. What is less well known are the deeper connections from Western musical instruments and theory back to…


Al-Kindi, Cryptography, Code Breaking and Ciphers

by Tariq Al-Tayeb Published on: 9th June 2003

Cryptography paved the way for the development of arguably humanity's greatest achievements yet, Computers, the Internet and the digital world. This article presents Al-Kindi as the originator of the modern method of decipher.