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1001 inventions: Cultural Routes of Science for Cultural Inter-Appreciation

by Salim Al-Hassani Published on: 26th June 2010

On 2nd June 2010, Professor Salim Al-Hassani lectured in Bristol, UK, on 1001 inventions: Cultural Routes of Science for Cultural Inter-Appreciation. This lecture was organised by the British Science Association (Bristol and Bath branch) and…

The Appreciation of Arabic Science and Technology in the Middle Ages

by Charles Burnett Published on: 16th May 2007

This article describes the appreciation of Arabic science and technology in the Middle Ages through the example of Adelard of Bath, an English scholar of the early 12th century, one of the first scholars that…


The Impact of Islamic Science and Learning on England: Adelard of Bath and Daniel of Morley

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 13th October 2004

Most certainly the first English scientist ever was Adelard of Bath. He championed Islamic learning and was the most `Arabist' of all scientists. He and Daniel of Morley were instrumental in the transfer of scientific…