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The Story of Mathematics

by Sairah Yassir-Deane Published on: 19th July 2017

During the Cheltenham Science Festival from 6 - 11 June 2017, a panel on “The Story of Math” took place. Professors Mona Siddiqui, Mohamed El-Gomati, Marcus du Sautoy and Dr Amira Bennison took part in…


World Math Days and Month

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 12th March 2016

As the world celebrates World Maths and Pi Day on March 12th and March 14th, April is also Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. To celebrate these special occasions, the Muslim Heritage website would like to…


Numbers, Numbers

by FSTC Published on: 14th September 2009

Amicable number, perfect numbers, deficient numbers, abundant numbers, studying numbers was done by many including Ibn Sina better known for work in medicine.


The Volume of the Sphere in Arabic Mathematics: Historical and Analytical Survey

by Mustafa Mawaldi Published on: 6th April 2009

The following article focuses on the cubic measure of the volume of the sphere in Arabic mathematics. After a short presentation of the Greek and Chinese ancient legacies on this topic, the article surveys thoroughly…


Mathematics in Muslim Heritage

by The Editorial Team Published on: 30th January 2007

Early mathematics was revolutionised by Muslim scholars like Al-Khwarizmi, the founder of Algebra; Al-Kindi, Al-Khazin, Al-Khujandi,Al-Sijzi, Abul Wafa and numerous others.This article reviews some of the important works of these mathematicians.


Decimal Arithmetic

by FSTC Published on: 8th September 2005

The introduction of Arabic numbers into Europe involved more than a way of writing numbers down. It also involved new ways of calculating with pen and paper that were faster and easier and the system…


Hail the Queen of Mathematics!

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 2nd September 2005

In today's world what Friedrich Gauss called the queen of mathematics plays a crucial role in providing internet security. Here we look at some of the Muslims who worked on number theory.


Leonard of Pisa (Fibonacci) and Arabic Arithmetic

by Charles Burnett Published on: 14th January 2005

Professor Charles Burnett shows that Fibonacci failed to give adequate recognition to other sources of learning which he took from to produce his Liber Abacci. These other sources were translations of Arabic works from Toledo…