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Human Anatomy

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 29th June 2022

The medical scholars during the medieval Islamic era placed great emphasis on the value of dissection and the knowledge of anatomy for the diagnosis of affected organs, the relationships of the organs to one another…


An Untold Story: The Important Contributions of Muslim Scholars for the Understanding of Human Anatomy

by Malak A. Alghamdi Published on: 5th June 2020

It is usually assumed that Galen is one of the fathers of anatomy and that between the Corpus Galenicum and the Renaissance there was no major advance in anatomical knowledge. However, it is also consensually…



by Nahyan Fancy Published on: 15th January 2020

The art of medicine is long and it is necessary for its exponent, before he exercises it, to be trained in the science of anatomy/dissection (ʿilm al-tashrīḥ), as Galen has described it, so that he…


The role of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)’s Medical Poem in the transmission of medical knowledge to medieval Europe

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 14th July 2014

Were you aware that in the Medieval Islamic world, celebrated scientists such as Ibn Sina used to relay their teachings through poetry? Poems structure and rhythm aided the process of transmitting and memorising scientific and…


The Millennium Anniversary Of Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 28th March 2014

In 2013, the world community of scholars celebrated a millennium after the death in 1013 of the renowned Andalusian physician- surgeon Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis).

Ibn Zuhr and the Progress of Surgery

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 5th December 2012

This study of the original Arabic edition of the book Al-Taysir fi ‘l-Mudawat wa’l-Tadbir (Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet) written by the Muslim physician Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar, 1093-1162 CE) aims at evaluating his…


Medicine in the Middle Ages: New Insights and a Call for Further Research

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 15th July 2010

[Proceedings of the conference 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World organised by FSTC, London, 25-26 May 2010]. Aiming at restoring historical continuity to the currently available knowledge on medicine in the Middle Ages, the…

Interview with Professor Rabie E. Abdel-Halim

by Kaleem Hussain Published on: 19th June 2009

In this last interview that closes this series of Muslim Heritage Interviews, Professor Rabie El Said Abdel-Halim, eminent expert in urology, poet and well known historian of Islamic medicine, details his passions for medicine and…


Anatomy of the Horse in the 15th Century

by Rania Elsayed Published on: 5th June 2009

The famous image we find in an Arabic manuscript depicting the "al-faras al-mastuh" (a horse lying on its back) is a clear representative of the degree of progress attained in the Islamic tradition of veterinary…


Pericardial Pathology 900 Years Ago: A Study and Translations from an Arabic Medical Textbook

by Salah R. Elfaqih Published on: 6th May 2009

This is a study and translation of the section on pericarditis in Kitab al-taysir fi al-mudawat wa-'l-tadbir (Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet) written by the Muslim physician Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) who lived and…


Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Practice in Muslim Heritage

by Mostafa Shehata Published on: 23rd March 2007

Muslim medicine is characterised by a high level of experience and critical clinical observation setting aside mythologies and legends. The ear, nose and throat exemplify the participation of Muslim medicine and the contribution of the…


Ibn Al-Nafis and Vinegar

by Mohamed Hussein Benamer Published on: 17th June 2005

A doctor does a short enquiry into an old treatment for ear infections and discovers its presence in a medical manuscript by Ibn al-Nafis.


Eye Specialists in Islamic Cultures

by Ibrahim Shaikh Published on: 20th December 2001

"I invite you... to go back with me 1000 years to consider the fascinating history of the old Arabian ophthalmology which I have studied in the past five years." With these words Julius Hirschberg, addressing…


Introduction to Muslim Science

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 1st October 2001

Whilst the period of Antiquity, the time of Greco-Roman civilisation, and the Renaissance receive high praise, the period in between (late fifth to the late fifteenth) is highly obscured. Read about those 1000 years of…