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Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table: A Fourteenth-Century Egyptian Cookbook

by Khaleel Shaikh Published on: 20th March 2018

The Kanz al-fawāʾid fī tanwīʿ al-mawāʾid is a 14th century Egyptian cookbook that consists of 830 recipes for a variety of different dishes and beverages...


Medical Books on Healthy Living from Muslim Civilisation

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 13th April 2016

If you think medical advice on healthy living - good nutrients, exercise and stress free existence is a modern medical practice, you might want to think again and join us to discover 5 medical books…


Obesity: 1000 years ago

by Rabie Abdel-Halim Published on: 29th March 2016

I enjoyed Richard Barnett's Historical Keywords piece on obesity (May 28, p 1843).[1] More clarification is needed regarding his statement that “obesity first appears in a medical context in Thomas Venner's Via Recta (1620)”.

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Ibn Sina and Sports

by The Editorial Team Published on: 19th February 1700

Ibn Sina advices people to partake in diets, bathing and intensive sports...