Marwan Haddad

Marwan Haddad is Professor of Environmental Engineering since 1999.  Chaired Civil Engineering and directed the Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI) at An-Najah National University (ANU) in Nablus, Palestine. He has MSc in Structural Civil Engineering, MSc in Sanitary Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Civil Engineering. Has over 40 years of professional experience in the Mediterranean region in the water, sanitation, and environmental sector. Has a solid understanding of the water sector’s stakes, challenges and development opportunities, mainstreaming adaptation and mitigation strategies and policies in development plans and water management with IFIs and international organisations. Led numerous national and regional study teams and projects related to water and sanitation. Published more than 200 technical papers in national and international journals and has participated in hundreds of seminars, conferences and workshops, showing the water situation and providing institution-building initiatives nationally, regionally, and internationally.



Private Sector’s Role in Muslim Civilization Development

by Marwan Haddad Published on: 22nd June 2022

This paper examines the role of the private sector in the development of Muslim civilization. For over fourteen centuries, the private sector has remained active in the development of Muslim civilization, although to various degrees.…

Pro-Environmental Practices in Muslim Civilization

by Marwan Haddad Published on: 6th November 2021

This paper is an overview of pro-environmental practices, behavior, and considerations as influenced by Islam. For a simpler presentation and discussion, pro-environmental practices in this paper are divided into technical and non-technical/social. Technical practices include…

Water Supply, Sanitation, Hygienic Considerations and Practices in Muslim Civilizations

by Marwan Haddad Published on: 9th April 2021

Water supply and sanitation along with hygienic considerations and practices in the Muslim civilisations over centuries is important to document and report because of its relation to Muslims’ economic, cultural and social aspects of life. Due…

Food Production and Food Security Management in Muslim Civilization

by Marwan Haddad Published on: 25th December 2020

This article attempts to describe and analyse food production and food security management practices and experiences during various periods in in Muslim Civilization.Each Islamic era is separately analysed, adopting the FAO four major food security…