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Some 800 years in the past, in 1206, a brilliant Muslim scholar died : Badi' al-Zaman Abu al-‘Izz ibn Ismail ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari. He was one of the most important inventors and mechanical engineers in the history of technology. His magnum opus book of mechanics, the famous Al-Jami' bayn al-'ilm wa 'l-'amal al-nafi' fi sina'at al-hiyal (A Compendium on the Theory and Useful Practice of the Mechanical Arts) was the most significant treatise of the Islamic tradition of mechanical engineering and a ground breaking work in the history of mechanics. ...


Al-Jazari’s Third Water-Raising Device: Analysis of its Mathematical and Mechanical Principles
Five pumps or water-raising machines are described by al-Jazari in his monumental treatise of mechanics Al-Jami’ bayn al-‘ilm wa ‘l-‘amal al-nafi’ fi sina’at al-hiyal. The following long article is a detailed study of the third of these water-raising devices.
Al-Jazari’s Castle Water Clock: Analysis of its Components and Functioning
The first machine described by al-Jazari in his famous treatise of mechanics Al-Jami‘ bayn al-‘ilm wa ‘l-‘amal al-nafi‘ fi sina‘at al-hiyal is a monumental water clock known as the castle clock. This article presents a careful and precise analysis of its components and mechanical functioning, with the help of several design methods.
Al-Jazari – the Mechanical Genius
1000 years ago the most famous mechanical engineer of his time was Al-Jazari. Read about his water clocks, washing machines and pumps.
Overview on al-Jazari and his Mechanical Devices
In this article, Professor Yavuz Unat, a known historian of science from Ankara University, draws a general survey on al-Jazari and his treatise. He describes some of his machines and points out the numerous technological innovations brought about by al-Jazari in their design and physical principles.
A 800 Years Old Ancestor: Today’s Science of Robotics and al-Jazari
Introducing al-Jazari’s ancestry to modern cybernetics and robotics science, Prof. Toygar Akman narrates in this testimony article his own discovery of the work of the great 13th century Muslim scholar. He shows further how al-Jazari’s mechanical achievements laid the ground to a proto science of robotics avant la lettre.
The Machines of Al-Jazari and Taqi Al-Din
Through applying modern engineering technology and graphic modelling with computers, we can see the these machines designed and described many centuries ago come to life.
Automation and Robotics in Muslim Heritage: The Cultural Roots of al-Jazari’s Mechanical Systems
This short paper introduces a longer essay by Prof. Gunalan Nadarajan, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State University. The essay draws on the work of al-Jazari, the famous 13th century Islamic scholar, engineer and scientist.
Attempts of Flight, Automatic Machines, Submarines and Rocket Technology in Turkish History
In the Islamic world, great importance was placed upon the study of natural sciences and technology. This article brings out some of the important works of Turkish Muslim scholars in the fields of automatic machines, clocks and rocket technology.
A Review of Early Muslim Control Engineering
There are recorded contributions of Early Muslims to the area of Automatic Control mainly in the development of water clocks using float valve regulators, different level controls using float valves or syphons and the development of On-Off controls.
Pioneers of Automatic Control Systems
The article covers the avenues which led to the transfer of the Islamic knowledge, from Al Andalus, Sicily and Byzantium to the Wars (crusades on the Islamic World), as well as commercial relations and also the translation of Arabic works.