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The Impact of Islamic Science and Learning on England

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 28th June 2017

Nothing contrasts more the discrepancies in learning as the place of books. When Muslim libraries abounded with books, some containing even tens of thousands, and where students, scholars and any curious mind found a place,…


George Sarton and the History of Science

by Aydin Sayili Published on: 4th August 2008

George Sarton was a pioneer scholar who played a decisive role by his scholarship, methodology and academic career in establishing the history of science as a recognized subject in modern academia. His monumental major work…


Al-Fârâbî as a Source of the History of Philosophy and of Its Definition

by Mubahat Turker-Kuyel Published on: 11th March 2005

The origins of science lie in the study we call philosophy which itself is traced back through traditions of wisdom. Here a look at al Farabi's description of wisdom and the history of philosophy.