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Mahbub Ghani

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 2nd December 2019


Sine, Cosine and the Measurement of the Earth

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 2nd February 2007

Mathematics has long been an area of expertise amongst Muslim mathematicians. This article considers the contributions of Al-Tusi and Al-Battani and others in trigonometry, focusing upon the progress their discoveries represented in comparison with the…


The Science of Restoring and Balancing – The Science of Algebra

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 5th January 2007

Muslim contributions in the field of mathematics have been both varied and far reaching. This article by Mahbub Ghani (from the Department of Electronic Engineering at King's College, London University) considers some Muslim contributions in…


Hail the Queen of Mathematics!

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 2nd September 2005

In today's world what Friedrich Gauss called the queen of mathematics plays a crucial role in providing internet security. Here we look at some of the Muslims who worked on number theory.


Salerno and Constantine the African

by Mahbub Ghani Published on: 31st August 2004

Salerno came to prominence as the first faculty-University of the Christian West because of its importance as a center where Islamic science, particularly medicine, became known to Europe… this because of his translations... The principal…