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The Influence of Ibn al-Haytham on Kamal al-Din al-Farisi

by Saira Malik Published on: 17th June 2011

This is a very short note summarizing the lecture presented by Dr Saira Malik in the Muslim Heritage Awareness Group (MHAG) meeting organized by FSTC at the Royal Society in London on March 30, 2011.…


Kamal al-Din Abu al-Hasan (or al-Hasan) al-Farisi

by Saira Malik Published on: 18th December 2010

In this short bio-bibliography of Kamal al-Din al-Farisi, Dr Saira Malik presents succinctly the life and work of one of the most original scientists of the Islamic tradition. The author of Tanqih al-Manazir was indeed…


Numbers, Numbers

by FSTC Published on: 14th September 2009

Amicable number, perfect numbers, deficient numbers, abundant numbers, studying numbers was done by many including Ibn Sina better known for work in medicine.


Kamal Al-Din Al-Farisi’s Explanation of the Rainbow

by Hüseyin Gazi Topdemir Published on: 23rd May 2008

This article focuses on a critical presentation of the arguments put forward by Kamal al-Din al-Farisi about the formation of the rainbow. This optical phenomenon was explained simultaneously but independently by two scientists, Kamal al-Din…