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World Fairtrade Day

by The Editorial Team Published on: 9th May 2015

Happy World Fair Trade Day!


Ibn Sina on Education

by Abd Al-Rahman Al Naqib Published on: 17th January 2009

This study presents the theory of education in the philosophy of Ibn Sina, considered by ancient and modern scholars alike as the most famous of the Muslim philosophers. In his philosophical system, Ibn Sina outlined…


Highly Valued Virtues of Classical Ottoman Turkish Medical Ethics: A View From Past to Future

by Nil Sari Published on: 8th January 2009

Virtues such as modesty, contentedness, fidelity and hopefulness expected from a physician must be perceived as general criteria of ethical standards, since principles are also the criteria for the preference of values, in a sense.…


Ethical Aspects of Ottoman Surgical Practice

by Nil Sari Published on: 27th December 2006

Information about the requirements and expectations of medical ethics regarding surgery during the Ottoman period is found in medical manuscripts; while the moral principles based on Islamic Canon Law (Shari'ah) and the oral tradition (the…


Islamic Science, the Scholar and Ethics

by FSTC Published on: 24th February 2006

The ethics or philosophy of science has in more recent times become an increasingly important subject. This article discusses and compares modern day scientific ethics with the ethics or morality underpinning Islamic Science.

Bimaristans: Services and Their Educational Role in Islamic Medical History and Their Influence on Modern Medicine and Hospitals

by Usman Maravia Published on: 27th September 1700

The NHS is struggling to retain health care providers, a notion that could be described as Drexit, as a consequence of Brexit. One solution to retaining health care providers is to welcome diversity by exploring…