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Hospital Development In Muslim Civilisation

by Salim Al-Hassani - 1001 Book Chief Editor Published on: 26th October 2020

The idea behind hospitals in the Muslim world a thousand years ago was to provide a range of facilities from treatments to convalescence, asylum, and retirement homes. They looked after all kinds of people, rich…


The Modern Hospital in Medieval Islam

by Aydin Sayili Published on: 13th December 2006

The hospital was one of the most developed institutions of medieval Islam and one of the high-water marks of the Muslim civilisation. The hospitals of medieval Islam were hospitals in the modern sense of the…


Central Asian Contributions to the earlier phases of hospital building – Activity in Islam

by Aydin Sayili Published on: 3rd May 2005

Modern hospials finds its origin in Islamic civilisation replacing institutions known for magic and religion with a science based tradition which took knowledge from various places including the Greeks, Egytptains, Indians and others.


The Beginning of the Islamic Hospitals

by FSTC Published on: 10th January 2003

Possibly the earliest hospital in Islam was a mobile dispensary following the Muslim armies, dating from the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). By the 12th century, the hospital had become a very advanced institution.

Bimaristans: Services and Their Educational Role in Islamic Medical History and Their Influence on Modern Medicine and Hospitals

by Usman Maravia Published on: 27th September 1700

The NHS is struggling to retain health care providers, a notion that could be described as Drexit, as a consequence of Brexit. One solution to retaining health care providers is to welcome diversity by exploring…