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by Media Desk Published on: 9th November 2019

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Genetic and paleontological findings have concluded that Africa is the birthplace of the entire human race. Africa is often thought of as a continent rich in natural beauty and culture. However, little is known or understood about the technology and innovation which was present throughout its history and the role in which it contributed to what we have today.

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Atlas of Africa (Source)


Images are taken from the following articles: 

Song of Suwari: Ode to West African Scholars by Natty Mark Samuels

Constantine the African and the Qayrawani doctors: Contribution of the ‘Phoenicians’ of North Africa to Latin Medicine in the Middle Ages and Renaissance by Charles Burnett

Arabic Medicinal Manuscripts of Pre-Colonial Northern Nigeria: A Descriptive List by Mukhtar Umar Bunza

Marrakesh by Salah Zaimeche

Technology in sub-Saharan Cultures by Khaleel Shaikh

Muslims Contribution to the Study and Development of Medical Sciences in 19th Century Nigeria: A Preliminary Account by Mukhtar Umar Bunza

Ode to Nana Asma’u: Voice and Spirit by Natty Mark Samuels

al-Jahiz’s Book of Animals: The transcendent value of disgust by Jeannie Miller

4.8 / 5. Votes 187

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