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S. N. Cenk Büyükünal

by S. N. Cenk Büyükünal Published on: 3rd December 2019


Circumcision Ceremonies at the Ottoman Palace

by Nil Sari Published on: 12th February 2009

Circumcision is widely practiced in all Islamic countries. Festivities pertaining to circumcision vary according to the regions and civilizations. In this report, circumcision festivities at the Ottoman Palace and the socioeconomic importance of the tradition…


The Earliest Paediatric Surgical Atlas: Cerrahiye-i Ilhaniye

by S. N. Cenk Büyükünal Published on: 7th September 2005

The author of one of the earliest surgical books was Serafeddin Sabuncuoglu. In 1465, he wrote a surgical book in Turkish which contained not only pictures or miniatures of paediatric surgical procedures, but there were…