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The Horseshoe and Transverse Arches

by FSTC Published on: 17th January 2002

The first Muslim adaptation and modification of the design of the arch occurred in the invention of the horseshoe type. Further development came in the 8th century when Muslims used, for the first time, the…


The Palaces of Ukhaidir

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 14th January 2002

The architects of Ukhaidir first introduced a new elaborate technique based on the construction of elliptical (pointed) barrel vaults with bricks in similar technique to building a wall and therefore considerably eased the way vaults…


The Pointed Arch

by Rabah Saoud Published on: 1st January 2002

The first appearance of the pointed arch in the Muslim World was traced to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the Palace of Ukhaidir - Iraq remains the first building where the pointed arch was used constructively…