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Qasim Al-Samarrai

by Qasim Al-Samarrai Published on: 28th November 2019


Professor Qasim Al-Samarrai Lecture on the The Edition of Arabic Manuscripts

by The Editorial Team Published on: 29th November 2012

On Wednesday 28th November 2012, Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation in London organised a public lecture on The Critical Edition of Manuscripts: Past, Present and Future, delivered by Professor Qasim Al-Samarrai. The lecture presented an insightful…


Abbasid Gardens in Baghdad and Samarra

by Qasim Al-Samarrai Published on: 11th July 2002

The love of gardens during the Abbâsid period, whether in Baghdad or in Samarra, was born within the already existing cultural tradition of Mesopotamia, where the art of gardening had been perfected many centuries before.