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Four Medieval Hospitals in Syria

by Nasim Hasan Naqvi Published on: 23rd January 2012

The creation of hospitals as institutions for the care of sick people was developed during the early Islamic era. Over time, hospitals were found in all Islamic towns. This article describes four of these medieval…


FSTC Renews Scientific Contacts with Aleppo University

by FSTC Published on: 16th October 2010

Professor Salim Al-Hassani, Chairman of FSTC, has visited the University of Aleppo on 11 October 2010 to greet the new President of the university, Dr Nidal Shehadeh, and to renew the long standing friendly relationship…

The Courtyard Houses of Syria

by Mahmoud Zein Alabidin Published on: 9th March 2010

The courtyard house is one of the most enduring architectural forms, transcending regional, historical and cultural boundaries. Its balance of simple appropriate construction, environmental control and social and familial structures continues to engage architects and…



by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 9th July 2008

Halab [said Al-Muqaddasi, in 985] is an excellent, pleasant and well fortified city, the inhabitants of which are cultured and rich, and endowed with understanding. The city is populous and built of stone, standing in…


Aleppo Citadel: Glimpses of the Past

by FSTC Published on: 13th January 2007

The Citadel of Aleppo is one of the oldest monuments in the world. It is the most famous historic architectural site in Syria and is built on top of a huge, partially artificial mound rising…


The Great Mosque of Aleppo

by FSTC Published on: 24th March 2005

Built by the Umayyad Caliph Suleyman in 717 CE and altered several times, the Great Mosque of Aleppo remains one of the architectural masterpieces of the Muslim world.


The Scholars of Aleppo: Al Farabi, Al-Qifti and al-Adim

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 23rd March 2005

The works of three prominent scholars are highlighted: Al- Farabi who was keenly interested in the relation between logic and language, Al-Qifti's vast scholarship, ranging from lexicography to medicine and finally al-Adim's historical works are…


The Scholars of Aleppo: Al Mahassin, Al Urdi, Al-Lubudi, Al-Halabi

by Salah Zaimeche Published on: 22nd March 2005

The article describes the works of the following scholars: Al Mahassin: an eminent writer in the field of eye surgery, Al Urdi: the first astronomer associated with Maragha, Al-Lubudi: a physician, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher…