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by Media Desk Published on: 19th December 2019

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For several centuries, Arab rulers from Baghdad to Cordoba were famed for their patronage of music and musicians. Their courts boasted full orchestras for entertainment, while noted musicians competed for the ruler’s favour.



Images are taken from the following articles: 

Manuscript Review: The Book of Musical Modes by Al-Urmawi

The Sound Rules in Reading the Quran (Tajwid) in Qutb Al-Din al-Shirazi’s Music Notation by Fazli Arslan

Ottoman Music Therapy by Nil Sari

Literature and Music in Muslim Civilisation by The Editorial Team

Safi al-Din al-Urmawi and the Theory of Music by Fazli Arslan

Muslim Roots, U.S. Blues by Jonathan Curiel

The Great Turk Genius Amir Khusraw and his Accomplishments in Music by N.A. Baloch


Average 4.8 / 5. Votes 185

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