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Toygar Akman

by Toygar Akman Published on: 3rd February 2020


Book Review of Dr. Toygar Akman’s “Cybernetics”

by Cem Nizamoglu Published on: 25th March 2011

"Cybernetics: Past, Present, Future" published by Toygar Akman, a renowned expert in the field, retraces for the Turkish readers the history of cybernetics and presents the state of the art in this revolutionary scientific field.…


An 800 Years Old Ancestor: Today’s Science of Robotics and Al-Jazari

by Toygar Akman Published on: 29th February 2008

Introducing al-Jazari's ancestry to modern cybernetics and robotics science, Prof. Toygar Akman narrates in this testimony article his own discovery of the work of the great 13th century Muslim scholar. He shows further how al-Jazari's…