Sa’id ibn Batriq

Born on 877

Died on 940

Eutychius of Alexandria;

(Arabic: Sa’id ibn Batriq or Bitriq; 10 September 877 – 12 May 940) was the Melkite Patriarch of Alexandria. He is known for being one of the first Christian Egyptian writers to use the Arabic language. His writings include the chronicle Nazm al-Jauhar (“Row of Jewels”), also known by its Latin title Eutychii Annales (“The Annals of Eutychius”).

He was born in Fustat (old Cairo). Eutychius spent much of his life as a medical practitioner or Mutatabbib. His life was roughly contemporary with Agapius the historian, although neither displays knowledge of the other.

He did not know Greek, but was able to access Greek texts in existing Syriac translations.

In 932 he became the Melkite Patriarch of Alexandria at the age of 60. Because he had never held any clerical office, his appointment met with considerable opposition, which lasted the remainder of his life. His appointment was probably due to the influence of the Moslem rulers.