Muhamad B. Ali Rustum Al-Khurasani

Died on 1230

Fakhr al-Din Ridwan ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Rustam al-Khurasani al-Sa’ati;

better known as Fakhr al-Din ibn al-Sa’ati (died c. 1230), was an Arab physician and writer known for his knowledge of “philosophical disciplines” (especially logic) and clockmaking. Born and raised in Damascus, Fakhr al-Din ibn al-Sa’ati was a son of Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Rustam al-Khurasani al-Sa’ati, a prominent clockmaker (hence the nisba al-Sa’ati, “the clockmaker”) and astronomer who hailed from “Khurāsān in eastern Iran” but had moved to Damascus in Syria. Fakhr al-Din’s brother, Bahāʾ al-Din ibn al-Sa’ati (died 1208), a poet, achieved prominence under the Ayyubids.



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