Mardi bin Ali al-Tarsusi

Mardi ibn Ali al-Tarsusi;

was a 12th-century Ayyubid-era writer and expert on military matters. He wrote a number of treatises, including a military manual for Saladin in 1187. His writings have proved an invaluable resource for medieval and military historians.

The well known treatise was entitled Tabsirat arbab al-albab fi kayfiyat al-najah fi al-hurub min al-anwa’ wa-nashr a’lam al-a’lam fi al-‘udad wa-al-alat al-mu’inah ‘ala liqa’ al-a’da’ , or “Information for the intelligent on how to escape injury in combat; and the unfurling of the banners of instruction on equipment and engines which assist in encounters with enemies.”



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