Ibrahim ibn Sinan

Born on 908

Died on 946

Ibrahim ibn Sinan;

(Ibrāhīm ibn Sinān ibn Thābit ibn Qurra, ابراهيم بن سنان بن ثابت بن قرة; born 295-296 AH/908 AD in Baghdad, died: 334-335 AH/946 AD in Baghdad, aged 38) was an Arab Muslim scholar from Harran in northern Mesopotamia/Assyria, the grandson of Thābit ibn Qurra. He was mathematician and astronomer who studied geometry and in particular tangents to circles. He also made advances in the quadrature of the parabola and the theory of integration, generalizing the work of Archimedes, which was unavailable at the time. He is often referenced as one of the most important mathematicians of his time.



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