Ibn Khatima

Abu Dja‘far Ahmad ibn ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Khatima Al-Ansari, known as Ibn Khatima, is one of the most important intellectuals of the Medieval Moorish Spain. He wrote works in different fields, such as literature (poetry), history and medicine, and his major work in the sphere of medicine is entitled Tahsil gharad al-qasid fi-tafsil al-marad al-wafid (Achieving the goal of clarifying the disease of the pest), which is collected in three Arabic manuscripts: a) no.1785 from the Library of El Escorial in Spain, the most complete of them; b) no.6369 from Deutsche Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, in Germany, very close to the manuscript of the Escorial but more fragmented than it; and c) no.CCLXVIII from National Library of Madrid, in Spain, which is a literal copy of the manuscript of El Escorial.
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