Ibn Jazla

Born on 1074

Ibn Jazla was born of Christian parents at Baghdad in 1074 and converted later to Islam. His dispositio corporum de constittutione hominis, Tacuin agritudinum, as the name implies, was translated into Latin. There is a story which says that he was the physicist for Charlemagne and that he wrote his Tables or Tacuin at the instigation of the latter. This story by Browne has no historical foundation unless Ibn Jazla was born two centuries earlier, for indeed, Charlemagne was emperor up to 814. The Tacuin was translated by the Jew Farragut and the Latin version was published in 1532. A German translation was published at Strasbourg in 1533 by Hans Schotte. Ibn Jazla also wrote another work which was translated by Jambolinus and was known in Latin translation as the Cibis et medicines simplicibus.


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