Ibn Hubal

Born on 1122

Died on 1213

‘Muhad̲h̲d̲h̲ib al-Dīn Abu ’l-Hasan ʿAlī B. Aḥmad, a physician, born in Bag̲h̲dād 515 (1122), studied grammar and fiḳh at the Niẓāmīya but later turned to medicine. He became court physician to the S̲h̲āh-i Arman at Ḵh̲ilāṭ and there amassed great riches; he next entered the service of Badr al-Dīn Luʾluʾ at Mārdīn and finally went to al-Mawṣil. When he was 75 years old, he unfortunately became blind but lived till 610 (1213). His chief work is entitled al-Muk̲h̲tār fi ’l-Ṭibb, from which de Koning has published two chapters in Traité sur le calcul dans les reins et dans la vessie.

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