Ibn al-Muqaffa

Born on 724

Died on 759

Abū Muhammad ʿAbd Allāh Rūzbih ibn Dādūya;

(Arabic: ابو محمد عبدالله روزبه ابن دادويه‎), born Rōzbih pūr-i Dādōē (Persian: روزبه پور دادویه‎), more commonly known as Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (Arabic: ابن المقفع‎), (died c. 756/759), was a Persian translator, author and thinker who wrote in the Arabic language.

Ibn al-Muqaffa, though a resident of Basra, was originally from the town of Goor (or Gur, Firuzabad, Fars) in the Iranian province of Fars and was born to a family of local notables. His father had been a state official in charge of taxes under the Umayyads, and after being accused and convicted of embezzling some of the money entrusted to him, was punished by the ruler by having his hand crushed, hence the name Muqaffa (shrivelled hand).