Dawud al-Antaki

Born on 1543

Died on 1599

Dawud Ibn ‘Umar al-Antaki or David of Antioch;

(Arabic: داود الأنطاكي ; Antioch – Makkah al-Mukarramah, 1599) was a blind Syrian Christian physician and pharmacist active in Cairo.

After the hey-day of medicine in the medieval Islamic world and after the work of Ibn Al-Nafis (died 1288), Daud Al-Antaki was one of three great names in the field of Arabic medicine in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries CE, alongside the Iraqi scholar Yusuf Ibn Ismail Al-Kutbi and the Turkish doctor Khadir Ibn Ali Hajji Basa. The seminal western historian of Arabic medicine Lucien Leclerc (1876) considered Al-Antaki “dernier représentant de la médecine arabe.”



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