Died on 1193

The best known are Nihayat al-rutba fi talab al-hisba by ‘Abd-al-Rahman al-Shayzari (d. 589/1193), and Ma’alim al-qurba fi ahkam al-hisba, by Diyya’ al-Din al-Qurashi, known as Ibn al-Ukhuwwa (d. 729/1329). The manuals for the guidance of the muhtasib are an important source for the reconstruction of the social structures within which the making and the use of the balances and weights were organized and regulated in medieval Islam. The muhtasib was in charge of the morality, integrity, and quality of the various trades, but his main duty, the basic and permanent one, was to watch over and to supervise the balances and weights. Al-Qurashī specialised in Algebra and in the Science of Inheritance.


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