Died on 1050

Alī Ibn Khalaf al-Murādī, (11th century) Al-Andalus, was a Mechanical engineer and author of the unique technological manuscript entitled Kitāb al-asrār fī natā’ij al-afkār (The Book of Secrets in the Results of Thoughts). It was copied and used at the court of Alfonso VI of León and Castile in Christian Spain in the 11th century.[citation needed]
The manuscript provides information about a “Castle and Gazelle Clock” and many other forms of complicated clocks and ingenious devices. Al-Muradi was a contemporary of Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī.[citation needed]
In 2008, the Book of Secrets of al-Muradi has been published in facsimile, translated in English/Italian/French/Arabic and in electronic edition with all machines interpreted in 3D, by the Italian study center Leonardo3.

He also devised, with help from al-Zarqali, the universal astrolabe. Both al-Muradi and al-Zarqali’s design were included in the Libros del Saber (1227) of Alfonso X of Castile.

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