Al-Mu’izz, Li-din Allah

Born on 930

Died on 975

Abu Tamim Ma’ad al-Muizz li-Din Allah;

(Arabic: ابو تميم معد المعزّ لدين الله‎, romanized: Abū Tamīm Maʿad al-Muʿizz li-Dīn Allāhlit. ‘Glorifier of the Religion of God’; 26 September 932 – 19 December 975) was the fourth Fatimid Caliph and 14th Ismaili imam, reigning from 953 to 975. It was during his caliphate that the center of power of the Fatimid dynasty was moved from Ifriqiya (modern Tunisia) to Egypt. The Fatimids founded the city of al-Qāhirah (Cairo) “the Victorious” in 969 as the new capital of the Fatimid caliphate in Egypt.



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