Al-Mansur, Yaqub

Born on 1160

Died on 1199

Abū Yūsuf Yaʿqūb ibn Yūsuf ibn Abd al-Muʾmin al-Manṣūr;

(Arabic: أبو يوسف يعقوب بن يوسف بن عبد المؤمن المنصور‎; c. 1160 Morocco – 23 January 1199 Marrakesh, Morocco), commonly known as Jacob Almanzor (Arabic: يعقوب المنصور‎) or Moulay Yacoub (مولاي يعقوب), was the third Almohad Muslim Caliph. Succeeding his father, al-Mansur reigned from 1184 to 1199. His reign was distinguished by the flourishing of trade, architecture, philosophy and the sciences, as well as by victorious military campaigns in which he was successful in repelling the tide of Christian Reconquista in the Iberian Peninsula.



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