Born on 980

Died on 1037

Jūzjānī was one of the earliest Islamic scientists to provide an alternative to Ptolemy‘s equant model. Very little is known about his life. He probably was already a jurist ( faqīh) in Jurjān when he met Ibn Sīnā in 1012. He became one of his students and tells us that he studied Ptolemy’s Almagest and logic with Ibn Sīnā. He aided Ibn Sīnā with the compilation of the Cure (al‐Shifāʾ) and added the sections on geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music from Ibn Sīnā’s earlier works to the Salvation (al‐Najāt) as well as the Philosophy for ʿAlā al‐dawla (Dānishnāme‐I ʿAlāʾī ). Jūzjānī commented on the difficult passages of Ibn Sīnā’s Canon of Medicine (al‐Qānūn fī al‐ṭibb) and translated the “Book on Animals” of the Cure from Arabic into Persian.

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