Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Umar Zain al-Din al-Dimashqi;

commonly known as Al-Jawbari (Arabic: الجوبري‎; fl. 619/1222) was a medieval Syrian Arab author and scholar known for his denunciation of alchemy. Born in Jawbar, Syria, Al-Jawbari traveled extensively throughout the Islamic Empire, including visits as far as India. Among other locations, the scholar lived in Harrân and Kôniya.

Al-Jawbari wrote the “Book of Selected Disclosure of Secrets” (Kitāb al-mukhtār fī kashf al-asrār), exposing the fraudulence he had seen practiced by alchemists and money changers. He wrote of “the people of al-Kimya (alchemists) who know three hundred ways of making dupes.” The book also describes the preparation of rose water.



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