Born on 1754

Died on 1825

Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti;

(1753-1825) (Arabic: عبد الرحمن الجبرتي‎), full name: Abd al-Rahman bin Hasan bin Burhan al-Din al-Jabarti (Arabic: عبد الرحمن بن حسن بن برهان الدين الجبرتي‎), often simply known as Al-Jabarti, was an Egyptian scholar of Somali descent and chronicler who spent most of his life in Cairo.

Little is known of al-Jabarti’s life. According to Franz Steiner, he was born in the village of Tell al-Gabarti in the northern Delta province of Beheira, Egypt. Abdulkader Saleh asserts that al-Jabarti was instead born in Cairo.

Al-Jabarti was born into a prominent family of ulama with ties to the Egyptian scholarly and political elite. Al-Jabarti’s father was Hassan Al-Jabarti, a learned and highly venerated man in Cairo. It is believed that Hassan Al-Jabarti travelled from Zeila to Cairo during the mid-18th century. Zeila at the time was the capitol of the Ottoman Zeila Sanjak in the Horn of Africa. Al-Jabarti’s paternal family was descended from the Banu Hashim. According to his writings, his name comes from his “seventh-degree grandfather,” Abd al-Rahman, who was the earliest member of his family known to him. The older Abd al-Rahman was from the Jabarah, located in the Horn of Africa. He visited the Riwaqs of the Jabarti communities in Mecca and Medina before making it to Egypt, where he became Sheikh of the Riwaq there and head of the Jabarti community (Muslims from the Horn region).