Abul Hasan al-Tabari

Born on 1100

Died on 1100

Abul-Hasan al-Tabari was a 10th century Persian physician born in Tabaristan. He was a creative and innovative physician who avoided emulating treatments without investigating and examining them. Tabari was an encyclopedist and had a holistic view to medicine. Investigation of the views of this great Persian scholar indicated that his scientific and moral characteristics contain: paying adequate attention to philosophy and medical ethics, citing other scholars’ works, attention to the necessity of clinical and hospital training, emphasizing indigenous therapy and scientific and responsible treatment with medical faults and discovery of Sarcoptes scabiei. Tabari has written valuable articles on different medical sciences; however, he is especially famous for authoring the al-Mu’alajat al-Buqratiya (Hippocratic Treatments) – an important medical encyclopedia. Several of Al-Tabari’s succeeding scholars and physician have referred to the al-Mu’alajat al-Buqratiya in their medical articles. The aim of this study is further introduction of this great physician and assessment of his theories and key works.

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