Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi

Born on 923

Died on 1023

Ali ibn Mohammed ibn Abbas;

(923–1023) (Arabic: علي بن محمد بن عباس‎) also known as Abū Hayyān al-Tawhīdī (Arabic: أبو حيان التوحيدي‎) was one of the most influential intellectuals and thinkers of the 10th century. Yaqut Al-Hamawi described him as “the philosopher of litterateurs and the litterateur of philosophers.” However, he was neglected and ignored by the historians of his era. This neglect continued until Yaqut wrote his book Muʿjam al-Udabā’ (معجم الأدباء), which contained a biographical outline of at-Tawhidi, relying primarily on what al-Tawhidi had written about himself.



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